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Cropeasy: The smart agriculture IoT solution

Cropeasy helps farmers and agronomists in taking critical decisions to enhance the productivity and the quality of the crops, minimize the energy costs, saving money and time by controlling several fields remotely, and in full mobility. It is easy to use, easy to install and affordable.


Increase the production yield

Cropeasy helps farmers to increase the production yield suggesting the right quantity of water, forecasting pests and controlling in real time all the vital parameters of soil and environment

Save water, energy and fertilizing

Cropeasy reduces the energy costs optimizing the crop watering and the usage of fertilizers, for a perfect dilution effect. We certified a saving of $700 per acre in a kiwi orchard.

Improve the quality of the products

Cropeasy improves the quality of the crop controlling the stress of the plants, with products of superior category. Health of plants increase and therefore the productivity of the crop.

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Cropeasy is already use by farmers and cooperatives

This is a amazing and useful tool for a farmer like me, because it helps to make a fair assessment of the amount of the available water in the soil. Thanks to probes , placed at variable depths, we have the ability to set the reference points that allows us to adjust the parameters of irrigation for the entire extent of the crop, 23 hectares in our case. Without Cropeasy it would be impossible to have such precious data.


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